New Orleans, La.


New Orleans, LA.
New Orleans, LA.
New Orleans, LA.

lighting controls & electrical services offered


Expertise to help every client with their optimal lighting and controls solutions.  Whether your building is in need of a simple or sophisticated lighting control system our design team will find the perfect match to suit your facility’s needs.

Factory Certified technicians that will verify proper installation, commission, and test all system functions.  In addition, basic training is provided for all end users on system functions.

Whether your system is new or over 10 years old our service technicians are equipped to recommission any buildings lighting control system.  Ensuring proper configurations and optimal calibrations to keep your system running as efficiently as possible.

Ensuring your system is up to date with all the latest software and firmware updates.  Keeping a lighting control system up to date is an important aspect in optimizing the system for longevity and maximum efficiency.

Our Factory Certified Technicians are experts in making any needed changes to your existing system whether it is hardware or software components.  Reprogramming your existing controls, adding additional controls, or altering your existing controls to better optimize your lighting control experience.

Once your system has reached the point of being obsolete or no longer serviceable, our staff will inspect and offer viable solutions to upgrade or replace your existing system.  Our design team will work with you on determining the best options that suit your building needs while optimizing cost and efficiency.